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Moby, LCD Soundsystem, Brian Eno, Jon Hopkins, Andy Weatherall, Purple Floating Birds, and written expressly for a forthcoming IMAX movie project soundscore


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Wonderfully rich textures and soundscapes envelop this artist album from an alias project of a very celebrated composer and electronic musician. Atypical beat algorithms and a non traditional arrangement for most of the pieces make for a very orchestral and cinematic album, with ‘Strong’ starting us on a journey through bleak and harsh overtones before resolving us with the beautifully lush pads from ‘Crushade’ and ‘Grentso’. Attention to the most subtle of details is apparent throughout this whole work and the artist intended this piece of music to be listened to when focused on the subtleties of the sound design and development on what may seem like minute changes over time. For more information on Silver Shadow and our vinyl releases please sign up to our Fall From Grace Records mailing list at

The core philosophy of the Fall From Grace label was to have session musicians and composers write whatever they felt carte blanche, in order to develop their personal path of creativity. Within 12 months of the label inception the artist roster has grown to just over 20 composers, and we are a fully vinyl based label offering our limited edition vinyl pressings to our mailing list subscribers before the general public. As well we are working in great harmony with our Spotify and streaming partners such as Apple Music and Google Play. The vision is to be a progressive record label in the pursuit of forward thinking electronic music.