Flashing lights, bellowing rave sirens, sweat dripping off the rafters – and the music…… Historical beat rhythms juxtaposed with metallic buzzing synth riffs… Classical arrangements built within a club sensibility… All of us connected in a big dark room and feeding off each others primal energies through the music. In the daylight we shine, but come nighttfall, we fall from grace. We enter into the netherworlds of electronic composition and forward thinking art pieces. Fall From Grace is a musical collective of passionate writers, session musicians, avant garde abstract thinkers/poets, and hardcore producers who break new ground in the spirit of creating cutting edge electronic music.

When you look at the label owners musical background, you can understand the more thoughtful expression of what Fall From Grace represents to him. A classically trained pianist in his early years, Glenn Morrison became entrenched in electronic music since the late 90’s onwards. Fall From Grace is romantic in nature, with the vision to be releasing constantly thoughtful, intelligent, soulful electronic music compositions from passionate musicians.