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Laurent Garnier, Luciano, Maceo Plex, Solomun, Alan Fitzpatrick, Marco Carola, Danny Tenaglia, B Traits, Steve Lawler, Richie Hawtin, Erick Morillo, Dave Angel, Adam Beyer, Claude VonStroke, Joseph Capriati, Marco Bailey


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A longtime synthesizer and keyboard enthusiast, Ruined In A Day is the art project of a very experienced and accomplished musician / composer in the electronic music world. With decades of musical experience, this hauntingly beautiful LP is an album for the mind. With the expansive ambiences that float around in “Not Here” to the lullaby monotony of that synth arp in “Breathe”, juxtaposed with that of the A Side title song of the album, “Nothing Is Ever Nothing” – an aggressive minimalistic melodic deep techno record. There is a clear definition of expression within these recordings, and you can tell there are tons of melodic layers which are played realtime / session musician style – there is no quantizing here and that imperfection within the time signature and riffs is what gives a human quality to these electronic sound beddings. ‘From The Earth We Weep’ is an thought provoking trip down psychedelic lane. Those gliding dark synths in the midsection are incredible and on a big system these records melt brains