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Releasing records on various seminal electronic record labels since the mid 1990’s, Chris Cargo has had internationally celebrated success with his work on Renaissance, Choo Choo Records, Global Underground, and many more. His latest involvement on a creative end with Fall From Grace Records has been what Chris is known best for – blistering strong melodic progressive house and techno music. This is modal music at its best, with subtleties of transition and layering that provides great depth and dimension, both in the sonic design but also the arrangement and flow. Replete on the B Side is label owner Glenn Morrison with a more stripped out dub remix, using hints and flashes of the original motifs whilst redoing enough to give it a sense of meaning on the overall release. The penultimate synth motif in the breakdown is minimalism in its approach and wide in its effect. This is the first original series release from Chris Cargo and we have had an immense wave of support already on this release from the likes of Adam Beyer, Luciano, Marco Carola, Laurent Garnier, & Carl Craig. We have as well currently a strong campaign with Electronic Groove for Chris going on right now with an exclusive live mix set on their acclaimed podcast series, and for more information concerning Chris Cargo, please go to your favourite local Google and do a search for his socials and various press. For mailing list information and access to our merchandise and limited edition 2X 12″ vinyl release featuring David Morales, Darren Emerson, Colin Benders, Dusty Kid, Sei A, Glenn Morrison, and more, please go to