When Markus Homm started going to his first House parties, the likes of Beatport and Myspace
hadn’t even been thought of. Born in 1980, Marcus was 15 years old when he became infected
with electro music and subsequently got his hands on a turntable. He then began to seek out
the latest releases at the record store and also by asking local DJ’s the identity of the tracks that
had kept him dancing late into the night. Markus Homm was born in Romania, and now lives in
Nurenberg. Eventually the second turntable made it into the equation and he started to mix
records. His first gig came at age 21 and proved to be the first of very many.

In 2000 Markus returned to his former homeland. In Romania he played several gigs and met
his current production partner and friend Mihai Popoviciu. Impressed by the quickly developing
club scene in Romania he opened a record store with fellow local DJ’s in Sibiu.

It is not only his passion for techno music that has taken him to places far and wide. Since he
was 18 years old, Markus has been traveling as a professional dancer to tournaments all over
the world. Learning Latin American dance has definitely influenced his sense of rhythm and his
training has taught him the intricate design and implementation of many forms of music. In
2006, Homm’s professional career took him to Moscow, and it was there that he started to
produce music. Working sometimes alone and sometimes with partner Mihai Popoviciu, he
formulated his own unique style of dance music, ranging from Deep House to Tech House.
Markus Homm’s music is in a constant state of development, always searching for, and finding
the most compelling groove.

This diverse musical direction has led Homm & Popoviciu to successful releases with various
labels, including their home label Highgrade Records, and Diynamic Music. In 2009 they had a
widely acknowledged summer hit with “Bis Co”. Markus Homm has also released a string of
solo tracks and remixes which have gained notable success and positive feedback. Markus
Homm has earned himself a solid position in the international Techno scene. Legendary Berlin
clubs like Panorama Bar, Watergate and Tresor, or international destinations and venues in
Zurich, Bucharest, Mexico, Madrid, Tokyo and Hong Kong are his regular playrooms. But
despite all the fun of the last few years, Markus Homm has continued to push his musical
development. The Highgrade Disharmonic Orchestra is his latest Live project, alongside label
colleagues Tom Clark, Todd Bodine, Dale und Daniel Dreier. The group made an amazing debut
in the summer of 2010 at Watergate. And so it goes on. Producer and DJ Markus Homm moves
consistently forward and continues his playful exploration of the tensions between music

‘ We stepped into the studio after a gig together in Markus’ home town. Right from the start it was an easy and flowing session, bouncing ideas off each other’

– Martin Eyerer