Musical vibrations that brings forth the inner journey. Painting landscapes and images for the dancer and listener to travel within. Journeys not bound by styles. Authentic electronic dance music connected to nature, with loving intentions to ignite the spirit within. – This is one way to describe Marcus musical signature as an artist.

Marcus fell in love with the dance and trance when he went to his first rave in the summer of 1993.
It was a profound experience that made him realize what his calling was.

As a child he grew up with a diverse musical input and inspiration. Listening to all kinds of music ranging from Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Abba, Front 242, Classical, Skinny Puppy to name a few.
His older brother had an Amiga 500 computer with a sequencer program paired with a Korg synthesizer. This was Marcus first contact with the creation of music with a sequencer program. He was ten. His first inspiration to create a DJ mixtape came from a mega mix record called Max Mix 5, made by two Italians. They mixed all kinds of music together and also used effects on the mixes.
By the use of the tracking program, his brother’s synthesizer and his own records he created his first mix tape.

The music.
The following years after Marcus first contact with the rave culture he went to countless events in Sweden and Denmark.
Many times dancing for more than 10 hours straight without using any substances or alcohol. It was an important part of his life. It was also here he experienced that the rave gathering had something more to it than just dancing.

At 18, Marcus was shy and introverted person. Dancing for that many hours was liberating and transformational for him. The fears and shyness was loosing it’s grip. The dance and rave was giving him something more and to him it felt like taking part in some mystical ritual or cerimony.

Marcus and a group of friends started creating their own raves and mixtapes during this period. They called themselves Toxomniac.
In Marcus’ early DJ years, he was playing music like Jammin’ Unit, Hardfloor, Air Liquide, Purple Plejade, Basic channel, Massimo Vivona, Der Dritte Raum and record labels such as Harthouse, Headzone, Frankfurt beats, Djax upbeats, Eye Q to name a few.

In 1997 Marcus met Sebastian Mullaert and Christian Steiner.
They had just started to create chill out music together and Christian had studio equipment.
They became friends and this was the beginning of the trio Trimatic.
Two years later, 1999 Marcus and Sebastian released their first album under the name Son Kite. It was also here they started touring the world.

By this time the previously underground rave culture had changed and club culture had started. The dance music was divided into many different styles of music. Techno, trance, house, drum & bass, psychedelic trance and so on.
The division of the genres was not something Marcus believed in and he was still in it for the dance and trance experience. But the modern music scene needed to place Son Kite into a genre and for this reason Son Kite started playing in the psychedelic trance music scene.
They released over 20 vinyl singles on various labels and 4 albums with the Son Kite project.
During the years 2000 – 2007 Marcus was living in the city of Malmö in Sweden.
Marcus and Sebastian were working closely together in their joined basement studio, High-Hat Studio.
At the same time they were running their own record labels Baluns and Digital Structures together with their friend Peter Svegrup.

In 2001, Marcus met with Karl-Axel Bissler. A fellow musician who had the same burning passion and they clicked. Out of that meeting came a lot of inspiration that was put into the Minilogue and Son Kite music.
At the same time Marcus also met with Fredrik “NOS” Holm. A multi-talented local artist and a fellow raver from the good old days. He was also an inspiration to Marcus and had a deep knowledge about analogue synthesizers.
These two friends need to be mentioned for they where part of the shaping of the sound coming out of Marcus.

In 2000 Marcus and Sebastian started another alias; Minilogue.
They have released over 40 vinyl singles on labels such as Cocoon, Traum, Baroque, Mule, Wagon Repair
In 2008 they released their debut double album “Animals” on Cocoon recordings.

The following years Minilogue became a big success and they where touring the world and playing all the “big” clubs and techno festivals around the globe.
Playing live shows on the same line up as Sven Väth, Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, Josh Wink and many more from the club music elite.

​Marcus also made many music collaborations with other artists during the years.
Karl Axel Bissler and Marcus released a few vinyl singles together.

In 2008 IMPS (Mule electronic) album came out. A collaboration between Marcus, Sebastian Mullaert, Ian Chaplin and Philip Rex.

In 2011 Koss / Henriksson / Mullaert (Mule Electronic) double album. A collaboration between Marcus, Kuniyuki Takahashi

Marcus was also playing live electronic dance music improvisation concerts together with Mathew Jonson and Sebastian Mullaert for many years. Did many legendary concerts with this trio.

In 2007 Marcus suffered from various physical illnesses. He experienced pain in his joints, stomach and heart. He went to western doctors for help and examinations. But they could not really find out what was wrong and started giving him pills.
The western medicines reduced the pain but as soon as he stopped using them the pain came back. The doctors could still not see what was causing the illnesses.
Marcus became troubled by this and he felt that no one could help him solve his problems.
Marcus close friend Karl recommended a book about Ayurveda, meditation and yoga. This book inspired him to try this method since nothing else was working. So he started practicing meditation and yoga daily. And to his surprise it helped him and the problems were lessening.
After 2 weeks of daily practice all of his ailments were gone!

Through these tools Marcus healed himself from the problems that western doctors could not help him with. This was proof enough for Marcus to re-evaluate the whole western medicine approach.
The meditation fascinated him. Something he could recognize from all the years of trance dancing.
His curiosity and passion for the big questions in life were making him dive deep into advanced meditation and yoga techniques to learn more. The inner working and the use of mediation tools became Marcus biggest passions for the coming years.

From the explorations with meditation and yoga Marcus felt a need to change his life.
In 2007 Marcus moved out from the city and into a house in the woods. Remotely situated from villages and neighbours, here he built his studio.

He explored the solitary life and was doing his own meditation retreats that could last for days. Marcus worked as a meditation and yoga teacher during this period.
The insights and findings out of these inner explorations he channelled into the musical output of the Minilogue and Son Kite projects.

The connection between rave, meditation, trance states to ancient rituals and into shamanism and mysticism interested him deeply.
Marcus believes in ancient traditional rites and that we humans have used the dance ritual since the beginning of time to connect to nature and ourselves.
What we call rave and dance music culture is our connection to the age old dance ritual that we humans have been using since the dawn of time.

The use of psychoactive substances such as plant medicines while dancing is something we humans have been doing for thousands of years. It is part of our nature to use these tools in order to connect and heal ourselves. They are medicines. But they need to be use in the right way in order to make benefits instead of harm.
When these psychoactive plant medicines are used for healing and spiritual purposes they are sometimes called entheogens. A word to describe the medicine in another way with less connection to drugs and the war on drugs
The connection between the ritual, dance and entheogens is a link to what we call Rave and dance culture. The dance ritual that we humans have been experiencing since the dawn of time. It’s becomes an important ancient rite if we choose to use it in that way.

The deep interest in shamanism and entheogens led him further to discover Carl Gustav Jung and his work.

But the music was his calling.

During the years 2007 – 2017 Marcus was living in a house in the woods. A life away from cities and neighbours. A life close to nature. A life with meditation, yoga and shamansim combined with music.
In 2013 Minilogue released their second album “Blomma”.
It was created out in his studio in the woods.
In 2014 the music software company Ableton Live made a documentary about Minilogue and how the music was created. Here the viewer got a glimpse into the lifestyle Marcus was living.
The documentary was named after Marcus’ vision of how he tries to express the music “As human as possible”.

Nature, meditation, yoga, shamanism and his 24+ years of experience in the dance music scene makes him a unique artist in the modern music scene.
Expressing musical journeys not bound by styles or trends but with loving intention to inspire and ignite the spirit within the dancer.

“I wish to pay homage to our ancient ancestors, wishing for balance and peace. To unite, connect and protect, for humanity and for our brothers and sisters, we are humans co-creating our existence together, we are all in this together.