Dave Whelan and Di Scala met as disc jockeys in Liverpool. Mike Di Scala had previously released music as a member of Rezonance Q & Ultrabeat, and also as a solo artist. They began producing music together as members of The Chosen Few, along with Les Calvert, and released as a single “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” (a cover of Tears for Fears). 

They began hosting their own Jubilee events at Society nightclub in 2004. In 2006 they released “Shot Away” (which sampled “Gimmer Shelter” by The Rolling Stones) as Pawn Shop, which reached No. 100 on the UK Singles Chart. Following this, Glenn Morrison and label owner of Fall From Grace, did a national Canada wide radio campaign for a record that he signed under their new alias name, Camelphat, with the track entitled ‘NYP2’.   A disco laden house number that we thought was timeless and classic in sound.  This was around 2012’ish when we signed the duo and group.  In 2014 years later, Spinnin Records signed the group as well, with the singles “Paradigm”, “Constellations” and “Make ‘Em Dance” reaching the Belgian charts. In 2017, the duo’s collaboration with Elderbrook on the single “Cola” gave them a number one on the US Billboard Club Sounds chart, in November 2017 the hit track was nominated for a Grammy Award.

They had further hits in 2018 with “Panic Room” (with Au/Ra) and “Breathe” (with Christoph and Jem Cooke). In December 2018, CamelPhat signed to RCA Records in the UK.

“They played a pivotal set at the immense Steelyard stage at Creamfields last summer, a homecoming gig of some rather sturdy proportions. There were 15,000 people, and right on our doorstep, Mike says. “They had to close off all the exits at 7pm, because the arena was completely full. It was just starting to go dark, and there was something magic in the air that day. It was amazing, probably our biggest highlight of the year.”