Ewan Pearson


Ewan Pearson has been making music for a living since 1998. In that time he has worked as a recording artist (Maas, World of Apples, Partial Arts), a remixer (Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, Goldfrapp, Cortney Tidwell, Junior Boys, Metronomy), a record producer (The Rapture, Tracey Thorn, M83, Delphic), a DJ (Space, Robert Johnson, The Loft), as well as being a published academic (‘Discographies’, Routledge: 1999, with Jeremy Gilbert) and music columnist (Groove Magazine, Germany 2007-present).

“The Venus Williams of the DJ World” – The Guardian

“Someone with an up-to-the-minute knowledge of dance trends as well as an understanding of what makes trad songwriting tick… We’re lucky to have him.” Pitchfork